Dena Mara Kuhn

Dena Mara Kuhn

“My deepest influence and inspiration has always been solitary time in nature, and studies in spirit, much of it Buddhism. All of it, for which I am grateful.” -Dena

Some Experiences…

About this work:

Symmetry of the Inner Eye; Reflected Color Works

See in this work what comes together in, and what makes sense to, your own psyche - as in a Rorschach test. Your particular, (or peculiar!) interpretation is the only one that matters. I disavow explanation of this work, except that to me it feels biological. Long after developing the technique, it still takes a bit to produce one I love. When I get a good one, I have a leap of exuberance. And aren’t we all simply yearning to be more conscious and enjoy the moment?

Tree Mandalas

Trees: A favorite Live Oak on Fiscalini Ranch, Eucalyptus at sunset on San Simeon Ranch, & Blue Oaks in the hills East of Cambria, were each a meditation in the quality beloved trees have of drawing us into their embrace.

AHA Mandala on Apple TV

AHA Mandala

Motion mandalas created from my symmetry paintings.

Augmented Reality Art

Augmented Reality Art

The Artwork comes to life on your Mobile Device.